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Volunteer Opportunities

Northport Snow Riders participate in a number of local events each year including, Annual Golf Outing, Blizzard Bash, Waupaca County Fair and Chamber of Commerce Events as well as club rides. Every member has the opportunity to help with trail marking, fund raisers and social events. Following is a list of opportunities you could volunteer for:

We need you're help with...

  • Trail grooming with tractor equipment

  • Mechanical maintenance of equipment

  • Trail brushing and mowing with mechanical equipment

  • Trail work using chain saws and hand tools

  • Trail signage

  • Solicit sponsors for trail and website ads

  • Maintain sponsor communication

  • Maintain Club website and Facebook

  • Obtain private land-owner easements

  • Secretarial support-donation requests

  • Club photographer

  • Club membership chair

  • Coordinate members for the various community events we participate in.

  • Organize Club rides and trail destinations

  • Organize a fundraising event

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